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The Selling Process

I bring creativity and innovation when working with every client. I spent years designing homes and know the true value of not just the pretty finishings in a home, but quality of construction, materials and design.

I help clients to achieve their highest value for their home because I can confidently sell the fine details that make your home one of a kind.

I want to hear about all the reasons why you love your home, the stories and memories that were created there, because that is exactly what will attract the next owner.

Lesley Hauville, experienced Calgary real estate agent, relaxing in the elegant living room of a property available for sale in Calgary, Alberta.
Pet-friendly modern living room in a Calgary home, featuring a cozy sofa, a welcoming dog, and an elegant staircase, highlighting the blend of comfort and style in Calgary's residential spaces.

I will provide you with a summary of some quick and simple suggestions to update, brighten and declutter to maximize the features of your home. I can assist with arranging any repairs or services required to get your home ready to sell. We can ensure that all your legal documents are up to date ahead of time to avoid potential hassles at closing. I will arrange for professional measurements, photography and even arrange staging if needed.

As a member of CREA, my clients benefit from the many advantages of working with a REALTOR@. I have access to the latest technology in real estate systems and listing platforms to market your home. I will place your home on my boards MLS database where prospective buyers will have 24-hour access to your listing, and will be able to easily contact me for immediate inquiries to obtain additional information. As well I will use various social media marketing strategies to attract qualified buyers. I will incorporate traditional marketing strategies such as brochures, flyers and Open Houses to help sell your home quickly and for the highest value possible.

You will receive regular updates on what activity is happening with not just your home, but within the neighboring area so we can proactively make adjustments with the market conditions. I understand that selling a home can be an emotional and stressful process, but you can feel confident that I will be there to guide you through and onto your next chapter.